The health system

Health, as an activity of major social concern, has adequate infrastructure, tailored to the needs of citizens. Health clinic and General hospital, while two independent healthcare institutions operate as a single system.Working conditions in them are continually improving compliance requirements and user needs in health care, as well as their employees.
Health center, and in addition made ​​to rationalize the number of employees, has all the necessary facilities required for a high level of primary health care for the population of 46 doctors and 112 other medical staff person.
In the Health function following services:
• ID for men, women and children;
• Centers for lung disease, mental health and children with special needs;
• Diagnostics-ray, ultrasound, laboratory and microbiology;
• Counselling for people, for young people to reproductive health;
• Units for nurses and medical transportation;
• Occupational health;
• HES and
• Common services.
The total number of staff rationalization has reduced to 161 from 237, and declared as redundant workers who were assigned to jobs for which a high school, secondary and primary school education.
Ambulance service serving the whole of the territory of the municipality. Emergency works, from 1 aprila 2010. years, within the Department of Emergency Podgorica.
End of 2010. began the reconstruction and upgrading of building the health center, which will receive 4.856 m2 of new, more modern and more functional space, which will house all services, except for the Center for pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis.
Completion of the new facility is planned for the end of march 2012. year. The project, worth 2,679.328,00 €  financed by the municipality of Bijelo Polje, the Ministry of health and the Health insurance fund of Montenegro.
In recent years, investment in equipment was  514.591.04 €. In order to provide even better service during the purchase of modern medical equipment and functional furniture.
General hospital provides secondary care for the municipality of Bijelo Polje and Pljevlja, as well as for patients who come from other neighboring municipalities. Hospital capacity is 141 beds and utilization is around 70%.
The organizational structure of the General hospital, after the reform of secondary care, is as follows:
• departments: internal, surgical, gynecological and obstetric and child;
• Services: anesthesia, intensive care with anesthetic clinic, radiological diagnosis, ERTG, mammography, CT, YZ, blood transfusion, physical therapy clinic with a physiatrist, services joint ventures,
• emergency medical assistance with the admissions department,
• Pharmacy and
• kitchen.
The general hospital has 236 employees and 42 physicians and 173 medical workers.
The working conditions of the General hospital are relatively good. An area of ​​9 000 m2 on which the general hospital is functional. In the past reconstructed the rooms department of gynecology and surgery, underwent a third operation room, trained two internal and one skin clinic, provided space for pathology and emergency unit, intensive care and neurology at the internal department, a X-ray machine and the blood transfusion service. Also, improved technical equipment purchase equipment worth
1,002.950,00 €. Made the project documentation for reconstruction of space for internal department in the building of a new hospital, area of ​​2 200 m2.
It is important to say that the municipality has and private health institutions in the field of dentistry and pharmacy. In fact, for 20 dental clinics in 6 pharmacies, employing 45 workers, dental workers and 40 pharmaceutical profession.

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