Cooperation municipality of Bijelo Polje and Berane

Mayor of Bijelo Polje Alexander ŽURIČ met today with the President of the Municipality of Berane Dragoslav ŠČEKIĆ a new concept of development that would lead to stronger ties around common interests and stronger cooperation in these communities.
President Žurić said that cooperation municipality of Bijelo Polje and Berane provide efficient and economical performance of certain tasks, in order to better respond to the needs of citizens.

- Cooperation between the municipalities of Bijelo Polje and Berane primarily be established in the development of agriculture, infrastructure, municipal services, cooperation, exchange of experiences, joint application with projects in certain funds, and it is what we particularly pay attention to is the creation of new jobs and reduce unemployment . Also at today's meeting we discussed the regulation of the river Lim, the problem of stray dogs and the possibility of a lasting solution to the problem of stray dogs, the president said Žurić.
Mayor of Berane Dragoslav Šćekić said that cooperation between the municipalities of Bijelo Polje, Berane, as well as other municipalities in the north of Montenegro, contributed to more efficient development of these municipalities.

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