The Europe 2020 Strategy has outlined a framework of market economy and social policy for the next decade , based on three priority areas interlocking and mutually reinforcing:
- Smart growth (developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation);
- Sustainable growth (promoting a more resource efficient , greener and more competitive economy);
- Inclusive growth (fostering a high-employment , which promotes economic, social and territorial).

The consolidation of relations between Italy and the Balkan countries and the collaboration with some Asian countries are a priority in the context of the lines of action of the Italian foreign policy and economic investment attraction and penetration of new markets.

In this context, the project was born Actions Experimental Development and Internationalisation "A.S.S.I.", funded by the Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - Dipartimento per le Politiche di Sviluppo e Coesione which identified the Soc. Cons. Sangro Aventino a r.l. and Soc. Cons. SIL Appennino Centrale a r.l. for the transfer of good practices in the partner countries of the initiative.

The project, through collaborations with partership and territories and regions, aims to facilitate the integration and cooperation for the exchange of good practices and experiences in the field. The target areas identified for the Balkans, are approximately in Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, while for Asia, contacts were established with specific China and other neighboring countries.

In Albania the actions of transfer of good practices activated directly by the Agency of the Sangro AventinO, already in operation, the areas of concern:

- Business services (information and administrative activities) - Municipalities of Berxhull, Kashar, Preze and Vore ;
- Integrated Local Programming - Skrapar area of the municipalities of Bogove, Cepan, Corovode, Qender ;
- Geographic Information System for the preparation of the Urban Plan - City of Manez -

The main activities in the municipalities of Berxhull, Kashar, Preze and Vore are as follows:
The activity involves the testing and implementation of one-stop shop for integrated development in the area of Kashar (Towns of Berxhull, Kashar, Preza and Vore) in order to act as an interface between local governments and public and private stakeholders, domestic or foreign, to facilitate the realization of investments.
The establishment and functioning of the "One stop shop" has as its objective the reduction of administrative costs for businesses and have a significant impact on local economic development.