Wednesday, 29 October 2014 11:19

Improve relations with Italy

Representatives of the Directorate for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Directorate of Economic Development, Agencies Sangro Aventino and Abruzzo Region signed in Podgorica cooperation agreement which will establish the institutional basis for the development of services for small businesses.
The Director of Agency Aleksandar Pavićević said that Montenegro pays special attention to constant improvement of economic relations with Italy, which among other things includes greater involvement of Montenegrin companies on the Italian market and the increasing presence of Italian investors in Montenegro.

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 10:38

Where we are

Municipality of Bijelo Polje is located in the north of Montenegro, between 42o 55 'and 43o10' north latitude and 19o30 'and 20o05' east longitude.
It stretches over 924 km2, covering 6.7% of the territory of Montenegro, which makes it the fourth municipality by area in Montenegro.
Bijelo Polje municipality is hilly - mountainous areas of northern Montenegro, surrounded by high mountains. It is located between Bjelasica, Lisa and Pester plateau.
The entire territory of the municipality lies at an altitude of over 500 meters. It is intersected by numerous valleys, above all, Lim and his left (Lješnica, Brzava, Ljubovidja and Lipnica. (Goduški river, the river Midsummer, Bijelo Polje Bistrica) and right tributaries, which give special relief physiognomy.
It borders with the country's municipalities Pljevlja, Mojkovac i Berane and municipalities in Serbia: Prijepolje i Sjenica.

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