Tourism has been recognized as one of the most important segments of strategic development of Municipality of Bijelo Polje. Development of this sector is presented through number of visitors, which was quite oscillatory.

Number of guests

Year Total Chain index Domestic visitors Chain index Foreign visitors Chain index
2006. 3.501 - 2.783 - 718 -
2007. 3.381 97 2.024 1.357 189 -
2008. 2.284 68 1.278 63 1.006 74
2009. 1.466 42 769 60 697 69
2010. 3.786 108 1.546 201 2.240 321

Source: Statistical Office of Montenegro MONSTAT, 2011 year


Year Total Chain index Domestic overnights Chain index Foreign overnights Chain index
2006. 9.945 - 6.418 - 3.527 -
2007. 5.899 59 3.568 56 2.331 66
2008. 4.318 73 2.372 66 1.946 55
2009. 3.621 84 2.071 87 1.550 80
2010. 13.647 376 3.149 49 10.498 677

Source: Statistical Office of Montenegro MONSTAT, 2011 year

Dynamics of changes in the number of visitors indicates that there is no equable trend. Number of visitors has been dropping until 2010 when a growth from 8% has been achieved compared to the base 2006 year. This trend is caused by the increasing number of foreign visitors, which number at the end of the period was 3 times more than at the beginning. On the other hand, the number of domestic visitors during the same period decreased by 45% Number of overnights has also been decreasing until 2010, when thanks to foreign guests increased for 37%. This increase is result of improvement of capacities as well as condition of accommodation in Bijela Rada hotel. Accommodation capacities of the municipality takes only 0,2% from total number of capacities of Montenegro which is 8,4% of capacities of Northern region. These indicators show that building of new capacities is required, as well as introduction of new quality politics in tourism.

Accommodation within facilities:

Name Number of beds Location
„Brskovo“ 74 Downtown
„Durmitor“ 42 Rakonje
„Dominus“ 37 Downtown
„MB „Dvori“ 27 Rakonje
„Novoprevoz“ 15 Downtown
hotel „Rojal“ 17 Downtown
„Meče-Komerc“ 15 Nedakusi
„Furo“ 30 Ravna Rijeka
„Jeremić“ 30 Ravna Rijeka
„Đurišić“ 6 Tomaševo
„Kanje-Komerc“ 7 Dobrakovo
„Planinarski dom“ 24 Bjelasica
„Sports-fishing club Sinjavac“ 20 Estuary of Bistrica in Lim
Total: 344  


Although accommodation facilities in Municipality are insufficient, their structure is good, since from the total number of capacities 41,6% are in the city, and 58,4% are in villages. These data shows that tourism development in Bijelo Polje goes in direction of rural and ecological tourism development, which according potentials of municipality represents great opportunity for development. Ethno Villages Tomasevo and Dobrinje have been built in favour of development of rural tourism. In 2011 the biggest city hotel „Bijela Rada“ was renovated, which significantly increased accommodation capacities in municipality which caused increase the number of cultural events that attract visitors from the region and abroad. Special Spatial plan for Bjelasica envisage future directions of mountain, winter and summer tourism development. Mountain Home from 24 beds was built on Bjelasica, and managed by Mountaineering Club "Cmiljace“ has the aim to gether tourists, to provide very pleasent stay which promote mountain tourism. Municipality is been working on construction of hotel for accommodation of cyclists in transit near Kisjele Vode in Nedakusi. In the aim of diversification of tourist offer of Bijelo Polje during last years special attention is dedicated to very attractive tourist product i.e. rafting. Every year in spring time when the water level of river Lim is high, Rafting club organizes rafting which gathers competitors from Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cultural heritage of Bijelo Polje is rich in very interesting relicts from various cultures of the past. From tourist importance are religious objects which are both cultural and historical monuments: St Peter's Church, St Nichola's Church, St Nichola's Church in Podvrh, St Holy Virgin's Church in Voljavac, St Jovan's Church in Zaton and Zaimovica Mosque. Except those monuments, which are under protection of State, on the territory of municipality exist buildings with monumental qualities that should receive the status of cultural heritage: Archaeological site Samograd, St Thomas Church in Brzava, Monastery of St Trinity in Majstorovina as well as monumental buildings which should be proposed and categorized (the ruins of the Sv Jovan's Church in Crnca, Presentation of the Virgin in Bliskovo, the ruins of the Mosque in Radulici, stone bridge over Bistrica, the building of the former Rushdia - now the Museum, and Kajabegovića House and Rista Ratkovica House). Late of 2011 year Local Tourist Organization started with its work, which takes over activities which contribute to tourism development based on availiable resources (mountain, rural, cultural, convention, hunting, fishing as well as religious tourism). Qualified stuff from Faculty for Tourism and Touristic High School is support to the development of tourism.

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